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Alfa Romeo 156 GTA


GTA. Three letters, then you know that it is serious. This Alfa Romeo 156 GTA 3,2 L V6 is a four-door Berlina with manual transmission. Practical and pure at the same time? Absolutely!
And this is just that: beautiful original, in neat condition and a modest mileage of 140.000 kilometers! With 250 horsepower on the front wheels, it's no surprise that the Alfa 156 GTA shoots fast from the starting blocks. However, the Gran Turismo Alleggerita is not only fast in a straight line, it eats curves like a pure fun machine!


Mark: Alfa Romeo

Model: 156 GTA 3,2 L V6 (Busso engine)

Year: -/2005

141.000 kilometers

Engine: 6 cylindre

Transmission: Manuel 6 speed

Location: Denmark



Price without danish tax:

€ 16.000 or DKK 119.000

Inquiries to:

Allan Reakes


Phone: +45 53 60 87 55

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