Porsche 911S 2,7 Sportomatic


This 911 Targa is equipped with very rare Sportomatic transmission.

Porsche described Sportomatic as an “automatic” transmission, even though it had no fully automatic setting. A modified four-speed 911 gearbox, Sportomatic was essentially a manual with a vacuum-operated single-disc dry clutch. A torque converter replaced the flywheel and existed both to smooth the transmission’s electro-mechanical shifts and to allow the car to remain stationary with the clutch engaged. When a driver grabbed the shift lever, the clutch would disengage, re-engaging as soon as one’s hand was removed from the stick. To change gears, the driver needed only to move the lever to the desired gate and let go of the knob.

The “gears” were labeled L, D, D3, and D4, and although Porsche suggested using L only for steep grades, it was, essentially, first gear. (We found in a 1971 test that using L helped acceleration.) Gears D, D3, and D4 were really the transmission’s second, third, and fourth speeds, and there was even an automatic-like “park” setting enabled by a pawl that both engaged and locked a countershaft gear.

VIN # :9115210690 

Engine Number :6459069

Sportomatics were produced in limited in numbers and over the years some of them have been converted to manual which makes the Sportomatic cars something of a rarity. The Sportomatic Targa and 911S models appear to be the rarest. These cars, in such pristine condition are seen by many as one of the keenest motoring investments today.

The car is from USA and are restored to a perfect condition here in Europe.



Mark: Porsche

Model: 6-cylinder

Year: 1975

Engine: 2.7 L

Transmission: Sportomatic

Location: Denmark





DKK 633.000

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