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What we care for is the world of Classic Cars and every bit that comes with it. Based in Copenhagen, we love to share the vibrant Nordic style with the rest of the world, a city buzzing with classic cars and passionate owners.  

Also, we have the pleasure of managing sales of some of the very special four-wheeled beauties based up north. If you are in the market, you have come to safe harbor.

We are always more than open for any suggestions here at Nordic Overdrive. If you have a great story, know of a car that must be shared with the world, or would like to have a car advertised with a portrait, please don't hesitate to get in touch using the form below. 

From Scandinavia with a slightly over fueled love.

Allan R

Co-founder & Photographer


Co-founder & Editor in Chief

Allan B

Co-founder & classic car collector/investor

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