Porsche 924 Club Sport


Very rare Porsche 924S Club Sport - a  chance of getting a limited and unique model from the last year in 1987 (1988 model). Only 8 in Alpine White and 12 in Black where allocated to Japan and named Club Sport.

This 924S CS comes with sports seats with the recognizable yellow stribes around the seats and rims around the alloy wheels (ocher yellow metallic). 4-spoke leather steering wheel.

This Porsche was purchased by a Japanese buyer. He later left for London and brought the car with him. Second owner was a UK friend of the first Japanese owner. Present owner drove the car from London to Copenhagen in 2017.

2.5L 155HP with automatic transmission and removable electric targa roof . The car has a total of only 122.000 kilometers (75.804 miles)

The car comes with a set of 4 new tires, fresh oil and a repair of all brakes. Comes with danish custom approval. The condition of the interior is close to new and the car is without rust and any dents and scratches outside. Also this car comes with complete history in form of documentation, books and invoices. Small cracks on top of the dash board done by the sun.


Please note: this customer may be interested in swapping with a watch or other car.


Mark: Porsche 

Model: 924 C S

Year: -/1988

Engine: 2.5 

Transmission: Automatic

Location: Denmark





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