A meeting to end all meetings !

AJ Petrol station, 09.42 AM: The fabulous building designed by none else than Arne Jacobsen, one of the greatest designers Denmark has had an possibly of of the most influential on design in the 20th century has possibly never looked so beautiful at this last meeting of classic car nuts in all ages. So sit back, and enjoy a quick summary of the best way to start a Saturday ..

Speedmaster Chronograph, behind the wheel of a Montreal.

The sun is shining ? of course not, it's Denmark ! But none of that is really needed, it is a brisk autumn morning, and we've just turned of the road and on to the surround parking area of the old Esso petrol station, which today is offering Uno X petrol at highest market price. The owner of Oliver's Garage, which is the fabulous icecream- and burger house now situated inside the old buildings, has turned this whole thing in to the hottest place in Copenhagen for car enthuiast to meet and it is but a matter of minutes before the first cars are arriving.

10.34 AM: The parking is quickly getting colorful. We see familiar faces and newcomers, even though this is possibly the last day of the year. Some of the first to arrive are of course the English. A stunning E-type convertible, rolls gracefully on to pavement which on these Saturday mornings are reserved for anything with four wheels and the owner suitably opens the long bonnet to share with the world an engine as clean as ever with the K/N airfilters shining away. A loud, shouting set of Austin Healey's, a slightly race inspired early 70's 911, a brown Porsche 914 and dignified Mercedes Limousine and set of Datsun's are amongst the others.

A darkgrey Turbo approaching and making a beautiful show in the process

12.00 PM, sharp: The word "punktgleichheit", isn't German for nothing ! A brand new Porsche Speedster - yes, Porsche-fantatics, the one you have all been talking about, arrives, in shining red paint, with a very happy owner. Only 1948 will be build, and right here we see one of the few - No. 0394 to be exact ! Soon after, a regular visitor arrives with the most insane Porsche 928 in screaming iceblue color, with brand new refurbished seats in original color and fabric.

12.28 PM: BEN VENUTTI - the Italians make their typical theatrical and flamboyant entrance, first with a Alfa Rome Montreal, a Lamborghini Urraco and then a Ferrari 246 GT, followed right up its trumpet by a wide-as-ever Testarossa. Somehow, this duo is just right, and the perfect add to this mornings excursion

Cars & Coffee at AJ, original startet by Danish car blog Viaretro, has become one of the most cherished meeting venues in all of Copenhagen, and when walking around with a cup of hot, freshly brewed Joe, you can't help but smile and think to yourself, "what a wonderful world" it truly is, when everyone, man or lady of any age forgets any trouble there might be and just cries their hearts out over their passion for classic cars and all the joys that comes with it.

An incredible story we stumble over is the one of Philip who has been on the road for three weeks. An epic journey of self-discovery, that has already taken him from Austria all the way to Nordkapp and now back down to Copenhagen. He's been on the road for three weeks already, primarily sleeping in the back his trusty Volvo 940 GLE (see photo No. 60). We're wishing a pleasant journey home to Philip and sending greetings to the Volvo club of Austria !

What's more to say ? - only, a huge thank you to everyone who came, and showed that Classic Cars and Copenhagen goes hand in hand !