A Weakness for Alpine Roads: Søren & his Porsche 356B.

As we have mentioned before, Scandinavia has a lot on offer, with fantastic stories of enthusiastic owners and some truly incredible cars. No exception is Danish gentleman Søren, aged 54, situated north of Copenhagen.

Søren is a busy mechanical engineer developing medical devices, yet he has managed to create an incredible collection of classic cars. As he describes himself: “Less hair than I once had. That’s OK. My garage is well-equipped” - and that it surely is, mainly with Porsches.

“I love cars and I have done so as long, as I can remember. I still have many of my nice toy cars from my childhood. Always been a car nerd …

Porsches and me fit together. I drive my cars as much as possible, preferable on road trips with friends around Europe. We have a weakness for Alpine roads. I do almost all repair and restoration work myself at home in my garage”

“My first Porsche was a 911T from 1973. It was dressed up with more power and improved handling compared to a standard 911. Fast and nice car. “

Even though the 911T remained with Søren for long period of time, he eventually sold it to purchase an original 1989 911 Speedster, which he found in Germany. “Cool car”, in Sørens own words.

Since then the Porsche population in his garage has grown. A Boxster Spyder did find its way but did not appeal to Søren due to the automatic transmission (PDK) and the car has moved on. As daily drivers in the summer period, he swaps between a significantly boosted 964C2 and newer 911 GTS, both manual transmission and only rear wheel drive. “That’s how I like it the most”, Søren says.

One particular car that we have had great pleasure of seeing during the busy summer season with Cars & Coffee meetings at the AJ Petrol Station, is Sørens modified Porsche 356B, which is quite a treat to the eyes. Søren explaines:

“With a long tradition of Porsches in my garage and my passion for car history, design, technology and racing I needed to go back in time. I wanted a 356. However it had to be a car with attitude and history. That’s why my 1962 Porsche 356B T6 ended up looking like it does now. The Porsche 356 is a tribute to La Carrara Pan Americana Mexico race where Porsche in 1954 won with a 550 Spyder driven by German Hans Hermann. The original Spyder had the number 55 and it had Fletcher Aviation plus Radio Telefunken advertisements on the car. The 550 Spyder was silver and the number 55 was black on yellow. A 550 Spyder is unaffordable today.

My 356 is 56 years old. A little older than me. It’s a vintage car with a vintage and patinated look. I like that. The paint is not new and super shiny, and there is a bit of rust on the chrome trim. It all fits the look.

I’m still working on details on the car, mainly interior. That’s part of the joy here in the winter time in Denmark with low temperatures, icy and salty roads.“

You can follow Søren and his collection on Instagram: @GarageDybdal.

Portrait by: Niklas Walentin, Chief Editor and Co-founder of Copenhagen Classic Car