Call 911 - the man's got the fever !

Thomas, 45, was not more than 25 years old when the raging 911-fever hit him hard for the first time. As s student he was dreaming of GT40 or AC Cobra 289, but realised they would remain dreams. Full of passion, he went into his local bank with a classic car magazine under his arm, and ask permission to loan half the sum of a 1973 911S, which was available on Fynen, Denmark. When Thomas handed the magazine over to the adviser, and saw the thundery look on his face, he knew then bank was on board - even though Thomas was only a student !

Tell us about yourself.

When first the 911-fever hits, its difficult to get rid of. Like everyone who's looking to by their first neuenelffer, first thing is to decide on which model of the many that you actually want. I was not in doubt, it had to be an F-model, a car build before 1974, where the front bumper compliments the design to a for me almost unacceptable degree, meant in the most positive way. The last edition of the early 911 seemed obvious. Improved with a longer wheelbase, and a more powerful engine than seen earlier. Countless car-magazines were scanned to oblivion, until i finally stumbled across my 1973 911S, waiting for me on Fynen in the autumn og 1998.

What sparked your passion for cars, how did it come about ?

I've always loved the beauty in car design, and the fascinating mechanics that some of them has. Also, the philosophy that they are ment to create a bit of fun in between getting from A and B.

What is the earliest and most cared for automobile memory of yours ?

When I was little, I bombarded with cars through magazines, books and what not. Movies, you name it. We also had a few mechanics in the family, who also took care of fixing our old Datsun 100A whenever it needed. I alsways thought these guys must have an extreme freedom in just beeng able to take care of any problems coming there way.

Are there any automobile dreams you are yet to achieve ? 

Not really, no, I just love to use my car during the summer for short or long drives, with or with out the family - just anytime, really. The targa version is really ideal for great weather and lots of fun. Once in a while I do take it to the track, where it is wonderful to feel what it can really do.

Tell us about your car.

My Porsche 911S from 1973 is the last year with the first 911 design. The year after, Porsche introduced the G-model with the redesign front bumper and sligthly de-tuned engines. The 1p73 has mechanical injection, that Porsche created and used for racing for many years. 2.4 Liters, 190 HP is just fine for a car weighing only a few more kilos than a ton.

Will you keep it forever and are their any particular reasons why ?

I will keep the car as long as I feel the joy of using it as it was intended - driving ! There is of course a lot of fun a pleasure in tingling on it during the winter, and it is a nice way to get into the car in a different way. A couple of years ago I was in the Alps with a couple of friends, taking as many hairpins as possible, and an experience like that just calls for more !

.Are there any advices you can give potential coming owners of this type of car, anything to look out for or to avoid?

An old Porsche is somewhat a grateful machine. When they are sound and well driving, you rarely get nasty surprises. Most spareparts are not even that costly. There is a fantastic "feel-good" atmosphere over an old 911, and affects its surroundings where ever it goes. The best advise is as always to buy the best you can afford - you surely can't afford anything cheaper !