Catching up: Young Men & Classic Cars

The community of classic cars is with out any age restriction, and this year a new club emerged from the exhaust smoke. We met up for a quick coffee with Oscar, who took the initiative to start a club for all the young people in Copenhagen, owning classic cars in Copenhagen. Photos @ungemændigamlebiler

Since the club startet in the late summer, what has been the best experience in the group ?

Defiantly when we took a trip up the infamous "Strandvejen", leading out of Copenhagen and up north along the beautiful coastline. That was a fun trip with a good turn-up. We went along the water up til the coast town of Helsingør and took a lunch before heading back. Great weather, great cars and fun companionship.

What are you looking most forward to when the season will start again next spring ?

Who says its ending at all ? Some of our members has their cars registret all year and will most likely take any chance that comes along the way during winter for a quick, fresh spin. Surely, what is to look forward to is to be a part of the season from when it begins, and make some larger roadtrips around the country. Hopefully we will also see an increase in members, even though we are already pushing 20.

You can join the club, which is only for members owning a car, clicking the following link: