Die zwei ..

It is wonderful when you discover something rather unusual in a starting collection. Local petrolhead Allan Beck reached out to us to share with all of us his ever-beautiful Alfa Junior 1300 and a stunning 914 in a rather rare appearance, which we have fallen completely in love with !

Allan is the only one in his family with the high octane running in his vanes. The earliest memories goes all the way back to when going on to Jutland for hollidays, he would be allowed to sit on his fathers lap when rolling up the ramp when boarding the ferry (Yep, back then Denmark was not yet connected by bridges - we did it true viking style).

The dream has always been a 911, and still is. Allan only happened to come across both the Bertone and 914, without looking more intensively, but couldn’t leave them when he saw them.

The alfa I just fell completely in love with when a friend of mine purchase it a while ago. When it was time for him to let it go, I was more than ready. My green 914 I stumbled across at Sturup Raceway. I just went straight to the owner and told him that I was ready to buy it anyway - a year later, luckily he still remembered and called me as the first”.

Currently, they are actually both for sale again. We wish Allan all luck with finding his dream 911 ! If you are interested, get in touch with the caretaker of our sales department, Allan Reakes.