I'm dreaming .. of a Porsche 944 S2

Not all of our beloved four wheeled dreams can tick all the possible requirements we might have at once. So it was as well for Hans Henrik, a Danish gentleman who after having convinced his wife Tove, went scouting for a car exciting enough for special occasions and stabile enough for everyday use ..

"After 3 alfas, the last being a 147, the wish for a ‘proper’ sports car was sufficiently strong. The criteria’s were it had to be of a quality strong enough that could withstand daily driving, and function as a long distance driver for holidays and grand tours which are the favourite form of holiday in the family. After a bit of research, and dreams of a GMC or a Lotus Esprit the crosshair reached Porsche ! Not a 911, which is somewhat taboo price-wise and too unpractical as a sole car, but a 944. One of the finest GT's, everyday and touring-car built. Besides, in 2009 the 944’s were approachable and within my max of 200K DKK. After my wife Tove was convinced, the hunt seriously commenced. Not many were to be found in Denmark and my thoughts were already on possible import when this S2 in ruby red with grey interior came along, and for the right price just around the corner. It was inspected and bought on the same day, and brought home the week after. Ever since it has driven daily and gotten all that it might have requested along the way in service, care and love. "

This incredible car is currently for sale, and you can view it in our classifieds here, and on the danish sales-platform Bilbasen.