My first car ? Lancia Fulvia, of course !

Despite Denmark being an old sea-nation, this has had little affect on how many passionated people lives in the buzzing capital, Copenhagen, with pure unleaded running through their vanes. Some of them even go straight into the heart-lands of automobile heaven from the first turn of a car-key.

Please meet Nichlas, 36, and his first car - a stunning Lancia Fulvia S2 !

Obviously, Nichlas, is extremely passionated about cars and as one would expect, he has been nuts about cars as long as he can possibly remember.

"As a kid I had my whole room full of cars. On the table, on the floor, on the wall and on numerous shelves. It was small cars, big cars, metal cars, Lego cars, wooden cars and even a Ferrari F40 made in crystal. Then on top of that I was reading all the car magazines and car books that I could get my hands on. Nobody in my family have had much passion for cars, so really, I have no idea where I got it from other than an admiration for car design and history from a very early age.."

He has lived and worked in Copenhagen ever since he was 20, and if you know Copenhagen - it not being necessarily the most car-friendly place in the whole world - you would also know that the need for a car really isn't there. Unless, of course, you are Nichlas and stumble over a Lancia - as one does.

"Two years ago I started thinking, that I really would love to have a car for those sunny weekend and summer evening drives, and also have a toy to spend time on when needing to get my mind off a hectic work day. First looking at a broad variety of marks, body types, ages and performance I later narrowed it down to looking at Italian coupés from the 1960’s or 70’s. Then before I knew it I was the lucky owner of a Lancia Fulvia S2 from 1971 - my first and only car "

Nichlas Lancia isn't no ordinary example of a Fulvia. His S 2 model was first registered in July 1971 in italy, so the 50 years anniversary is right around the corner, which we are sure won't go quietly by. Until Nichlas found it and brought it to Denmark in September 2019, it has lived its whole life in Italy, and the last years specifically in Sicily.

" After having narrowed my car search down to only Lancia Fulvia Series 2 models and having searched all over Europe for several months then I found the perfect example in Sicily. An example in very good condition that had gone through a thorough restoration of both the body and all the mechanicals a few years before. I immediately fell in love with the car in the deep Lancia Blu colour of the body combined with the light cream coloured interior. A combination that had been hard to find. Within a week the deal had been sealed and the Fulvia was on the way to Copenhagen inside the back of a van. When the Fulvia finally arrived on a dark September evening I first spotted it inside the van in the agreed parking lot. The light was on in the cargo space and the Fulvia just stood there as a kind of divine revelation - a moment that I will never forget. "

" What I find really intriguing about the Lancia Fulvia is that front-wheel drive performance cars were basically nonexistent when the Fulvia Coupé was launched in 1965, but the excellent weight distribution and sophisticated front suspension set-up means that it handles fantastically well. The rasp of the narrow 13 degree angle V4 is also really characterful, while the advanced suspension layout means that despite being comparatively nose-heavy it can go through corners with impressive enthusiasm and joy. The 1298cc engine is really enjoying being pushed and delivers the maximum torque of 114Nm at 5000 RPM and maximum horsepower of 90 at 6000 RPM, and despite not being a fast car after modern standards, then it definitely feels fast! It is very low geared so the highway is not the ideal place as it gets very loud, but take the Fulvia to small winding back roads and you will immediately understand why the Fulvia won the Rally World Championship in 1972!

Nichlas always had Italian cars close to his heart, but didn't dream of a Lancia from the beginning. It was only when he started to research on cars, two year prior to the purchase of the Fulvia, that I came across what he wanted. Then he was hooked !

"The unusual, but at the same time amazingly beautiful design, the motorsport history, the solid and extremely advanced engineering for that age, together with the relative rarity of the Lancia Fulvia was what convinced me. From that moment on it was just about finding the perfect example."

"For now then my Fulvia is the perfect car for me and I have absolutely no plans of selling it. It is a complete stunner of a car that attracts so much positive attention and gives me so much pure joy of driving. I have only had it for 11 months now, since September 2019, but already feel like it is a car that I could keep forever. If I have to sell it one day I am sure that it will be like selling a part of my family, so honestly I will probably just keep it and expand with more cars next it it. Just the smell of the car when I open my garage makes me smile and fall in love. That awesome smell of petrol, oil and classic car. Every time I take it out for a drive I just sit with a huge smile on my face. It does not matter if it is to go see my friends, going for a longer drive out of the city, on the way to one of the many classic car meet ups or simply just a drive with no particular destination. The sounds, the smell and the handling is just instant purified joy. "

If you are suddenly getting en urge to find a Lancia Fulvia - certainly, after seeing Nichlas car you should - the we thought it a good idea to ask the owner for a bit of advice:

"What to look out for ? Rust is by far the most important thing to look out for when buying a Lancia Fulvia or any other Lancia from that age. The Fulvia was extremely well engineered mechanically, and if properly serviced, things tend to just keep going sweetly which is really nice. But always check for rust all around the car as this is a massive problem. Gearboxes are rugged and synchros can wear, so check for any crunches going up and down through the gears. Also, the front suspension is rarely fails, but components do wear out regularly. The good thing though is that parts availability is generally very good thanks to online Lancia specialists, although many routine parts can be expensive."

We end the story with the million dollar question - " If money was no concern, Ferrari is my ultimate automotive goal, and then it would be the iconic Ferrari F40. More realistically then I would love to one day have a Ferrari 550 Maranello in my garage. V12 and old school manual gearbox - and then the design that can make you sit admire it for hours. Just wow! "