Do you speak petrolheadsque ?

As the winter is approaching, it seems appropriate to first talk about "hygge" - and later, the automotive kind ! Despite being a Danish word, "hygge" and its meaning has spread throughout most of the world, and the essence of it is the cozy feeling you have when in the last dark hours of the year you curl up around a nice warm fire, roast a chestnut or two and in our case, talk about all the good automotive memories of the year that has almost passed. The automotive kind ? The exact same - just with a warm engine, cold drinks and an awesome garage at hand !

We met up outside of Copenhagen with Saha, who grew up in Iran and spent most of his childhood lusting after a Mercedes 450 (despite his father always being a BMW guy and not considering a Mercedes a "real" car, but that is quite another story.) When he ended up buying his first classic here in Denmark he inevitably bought the 450 and had a good chuckle with his father about how boys never really grow up.

For Saha, the Danes can have a tendency to appear - how shall we put it - a bit "closed down". You will never become friends with anyone just over a few beers, but the passionate classic car community is exactly the opposite. You end up having endless conversations with like-minded people and there is a strong sense of belonging.

To Saha, it is like there is a language of its own between petrolheads - ones you learn it, you will never forget it. We quite agree !

Full gallery bellow ..

Gallery and garage-visit by @maksisgauja