The ultimate driving pleasure .. BMW E30 M-Tech 1

Bayerische Motor Werke, a giant in history of automotive development, producer of an impressive amount of cars, models and types. To many known for years as the choice when personal transporting from A to B is needed, or to some simply the stuff that dreams are made of ! Meet Kenneth, 26, educated as a mechanic and from the town of Holstebro in Jutland, Denmark. He absolutely loves old BMW’s and that mean look of their fronts and own not just one but two E30’s !

What sparked your passion for cars, how did it come about ?

When I started my studies as a mechanic, I quickly started to spend much time reading about cars in general speaking. I have had about 30-40 cars in my ownership already, so I have been through quite a lot of different ones, yet I always loved BMW the most. A classic BMW in beautiful condition is a feast for the eye !

Tell us about your car.

The car is a 1986 model, and I bought the it from a Swede, who purchased it from Pure Performance Factory in Sweden. I have only driven it a few hundred meters, 402 to be exact as the car has not been registered in Denmark. It’s got an MOT from Sweden and got new papers with the current modifications. It pulls like a true animal, and I have only had to do give it service and exchange a few parts. The engine has just recently been adjusted on a rolling road, and now delivers 487 HP / 680 NM

The current specifications:

M50b25 sanded and honed M51b25 crankshaft M52b28 stamps M52b28 lV top Double intake cams PPF 135 mm H profile connecting rods Precision SC6262 A/R 0.82 Precision 46 mm WG Precision 1260cc nozzles PPF cooperings gasket PPF exhaust manifold PPF gas system PPF blow off 50 mm PPF IC 600x300x75 PPF 65 ° thermostat VAGUE 115f ignition coils Vi-PEC V44 Innovate LC 1 BB lambda Nuke performance BTR 60L fuelcell in plastic Bosch 044 pump x 2 ZF gearbox from the e36 m3 Sachs 618 presser foot with 6-point sinter metal Koni shock absorber 60/40 GE E36 328 gimbal E30 325 drag axles E30 325 diff 45% with 3.15 gearing Hella Black headlights Startec tail lights BBS Le mann copy 17 "and 7.5"-8 " Mercedes 500E caliber in order and 290 mm VAGUE brake discs

A note from the editor ..

If you are not familiar with Pure Performance Factory, let us bring you up to speed. Besides meatballs and the Swedish cook from the muppet show, the swedes know quite a few things about cars. After all, its the home of Volvo, Saab and of course Koenigsegg and the home country to a serious line up of racing drivers. Pure Performance Factory has been building and racing drag-cars for more that 10 years. They achieved the world record for LSX engines with 4.00/304 in 201m and 6.11/374 in 402 m. In their domicile located in Krylbo, north of Stockholm, they do their own parts and also capable of a complete engine build up.

Did you always dream of owning this particular car/model ?

I have dreamed for many years of an E30 with turbo, I simply love the sound of an in-line six combined with the whistle of a turbo.

Will you keep it forever and are their any particular reasons why ?

I will own an E30 until the day I can’t drive a car anymore, to me it’s the ultimate driving pleasure.

Kenneth is currently selling this BMW E30, and you can see it in our sales site here

Edited by: Niklas Walentin, Chief Editor and Co-founder of Copenhagen Classic Car