When Hell turns yellow !

What makes a car stand out - Is it an incredible level of engineering ? Is it a unique racing pedigree ? Or, as we have lots of experience with, a special person who owns it ? There can be many factors to why a car can be something really special, even when it is an exemplar of one of the most cherished, and produced sports cars in the world - like the 911. Well, in this case its not that its a rare S ölklapp, build hideously into the most incredible and personal ST .. no, no, no, - this is a HELLGELB !

Meet Christian Schrøder, 40 - he is married, has a son, lives on the country side and has a small hobby workshop in a shed. All sounds pretty idyllic.

“My father always messed around with cars, and had quite a few interesting ones. I think, from the age of 10, there has always been a Porsche somewhere in the family. I remember sitting in the children’s car seat in the back of my fathers Corolla AE86 and as we would blast through on our way to our summerhouse, sometimes we would get airborne on the hilly roads”

Such a childhood can really only lead to one thing - and guess what, it did. Today, Christian also does rally in a BMW, and his dream car ? Well, that he certainly achieved !

“ I always dreamt of a Porsche 911. Always. As I grew older and learned more, the dream took shape of an 911ST from ’72. When I finally bought my 911S, I decided that I would turn it into my own ST.”

“ I found the car in the most northern part of Sweden, where it had been standing dry, safe and sound. For some reason, it had been rebuild into a G-model, but I saw it as my opportunity to by my way into an early S, even though I was only 29 years old. I drove the car for 3 year as it was, but knew all the time, that I would turn it back to its original looks as an F-model.”

Between 2011-2015, the car undertook its rebirth where Christian completely took it apart, down to the last nut and bolt. Naturally, it got its new bodypanels and other visuals as the lights and so forth before it was painted inside & outside in its original colourcode: HELLGELB.

“ We also had the engine out, a 3.0 Carrera, which was in it when I bought. We renovated it, and upgraded tons of things, amongst others GE60 cams, JE-pistons with high compression, banana-manifold and a stainless steel RSR-muffler. The gearbox had the same SPA-treatment.”

Needless to say, this project is huge, and the result speaks loudly for it self. Christian has had it for 12 years now, but it is time to part ways with it. So if you are up for being a bit closer to hell on earth, here is your chance to park it in your own garage !

You can see the car for sale in our listing here.