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Let's meet on the track

Classic cars can race to... give yourself the chance to drive it around one of the many circuits in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and other places in Europe. There may be no motoring aids like ABS and power steering, but there’s something incredibly involving about driving these veterans of the track. It’s harking back to an era when you really had to drive these cars to get the best out of them.



The best way 

to refine your

driving skills 

Nordic Overdrive would love to promote and encourage, owners to use there classic cars for the more extreme and experience something that is completely unique.

We are happy to be in cooperation with MS-Racing which has many years of experience in running track days on some of the best tracks in Denmark and Sweden.

Track days is a social thing

Rockets for sale

Ford Cortina Delux

Cortina Delux (retromod) 1963. Comes with a perfect 1600 Lotus Twin Cam engine. Professionally built and restored by Ford Cortina expert for hillclimb and track day. Car lowered with special race suspension, full race rollbar, bucket seats with 4 point H-seatbelts  13x7” Minilite wheels



Ford Cortina Delux

This total rebulit 1972 911 S (updated to a ST) makes 260 HP with standard size throttle bodies and with Dansk heat exchangers makes 282 HP with the enlarged throttle bodies and headers.

930/Carrera engine block 95 mm cylinders... and much, much more.



Mercedes 190E in the special 2,5 Cosworth version with 5-speed manual transmission from 1988. 165.000 klilometers.



GTR LS7 2011/8 factory built and SVA/MOT by the Ultima Sports Co. 722HP at c. 6,700 rpm and 839NM torque


P1033320 2.jpg

2004 upgrated in 2007. 200 hp. 6 gears sequential paddle shift and stick shift. Two race lifts comes with the car. 



Track day gallery

Our favourite tracks


Ring Knustorp.jpg

Ring Knutstorp

is southern Sweden's center for racing and motor enthusiasm.

Sturup Raceway.png

Sturup Raceway

 is a modern motorsport facility and a top professional event & team building center.

SRW Anderstirp.jpg

SRW Anderstorp

...a racetrack dating from the sixties with the vision to arrange Swedens first Formula 1 Grand Prix 

mantorp Park.jpg

Mantorp Park

is Sweden's foremost motorsport facility with a large number of motor events that are among the largest in Sweden and Europe.


Padborg Park

Denmark's second-longest motorway. The facility is used daily driving courses, events and motorsports 

mantorp Park.jpg


Denmark's longest race track, with a length of 2,300 meters. The entire FDM Jyllandsringen area covers an area of ​​63 hectares




exceptional racetrack with 4.2 kilometers long, 19 turns, 26 percent grade –  ideal for creating extraordinary driving experiences. 


Amateurs and professionals have a wide range of race categories to test their skills and their vehicles on two circuits: the time-honoured 20.832-kilometre Nordschleife and the modern 5.148-kilometre Grand Prix Circuit.

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