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Ultima GTR


One owner, top spec., and rare LHD Ultima GTR LS7 from 2011/8 factory built and SVA/MOT by the Ultima Sports Co. in UK.

Factory yellow with classic Le Mans livery in Brazilian green and yellow.

The LS7 dry sump engine comes with titanium rods and valves and a specially made short block with custom made Teflon coated race pistons. The car has never been raced only tested on race tracks.

Mls. 10,800.

The throttle body is 102mm which is improving the flow immensely. The engine has 722HP at c. 6,700 rpm and 839NM torque at c. 5,800 rpm (tested on Dyno and rolling road). It can be expected to have a higher number of HP if revved to the maximum of 7,500 rpm!

(this is not tested on this engine but on other LS7's).

The transaxle is a 5 speed Getrag 50/30 which is one of the strongest 5 speed ones capable of handling the 839NM torque.

It is equipped with a fuel surge system and a water circulation system for extra cooling when engine is switched of. 

Interior is all alcan tara for no reflection on the dash board and as seat covers. It has a full role cage and helicopter vents for fresh air.

Aircon is fitted but disconnected. brakes are the largest AP Racing 4 pods. Race exhaust system w cat. Carbon rear double winged spoiler and carbon lids on luggage compartments. Steering wheel is detachable.


Mark: Ultima

Model: GTR

Year: -/2011

Engine: LS 7 7,0 V8 (722 HP)

Transmission: Manuel 5 speed

Location: Denmark




€ 90.000 or DKK 670.000

Inquiries to:

Allan Reakes


Phone: +45 53 60 87 55

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